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Akashic Records Channeling Training Retreat in Rancho Rico

  • Rancho Rico 156 E Walker Road Yerington, NV. 89447 United States (map)

The Akashic Records are the memory of the soul. They are the eternal, cosmic library in that all that ever was, all that is and all that ever will be is saved as an energetic imprint. The word "Akasha" comes from Sanskrit and means "space".

By channeling the Akashic Records we can access information from higher sources. This information is highly elevating, healing and empowering and helps us in all levels.

Through the work with the Akashic Records we can expand our consciousness, heal traumas, clarify situations, see past lives and future possibilities, get to know the higher meaning of circumstances in our life, know how to bring our visions into fruition and manifest the life of our dreams, so we can truly rise and live our highest potential on earth.

Everyone can access the Akashic Records. It is a natural ability, a natural gift that has been forgotten since a long time.
Now, in the time of the awakening of humanity and the earth we rediscover our true potential and find back to our connection to the Akashic library.

In this training you will learn
... how to read your own Akashic Records
... how to facilitate Readings for others
... how to use the Akashic Records to combine them with healing modalities that you already practice (Therapies, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Energy Work and more)
... how to connect with your higher Self

Ether if you want to use the Akashic Records to elevate your personal life, or offer them in loving service to others,
this training will provide you with all information that you need to do so.

Learning how to use the Akashic Records is an extremely transformative experience that allows us to see our lives from a higher perspective. We will practice how to channel the Akashic Library and create a training group so you can keep on practicing by exchanging readings.

When we channel the Akashic Records, they let the information come through that is most empowering and elevating for us.
The Akashic Records always let us see that we are Sovereign Creators and that we have all the potential in our hands, that we need to create the Reality that we want to live in.
They always reveal to us the highest perspective, highest guidance and advice.

The Training will take place in the beautiful Retreat Ranch "Rancho Rico", that hold space for us to go deep as it is surrounded by beautiful nature, wildlife and a river.

Exchange: 404$ / 3 days
Yerington, NV
For everyone that can not attend the training in person, there will be an online course coming up, for that you can stay updated here:

May the Akashic Records
Bless your heart,
Bless your soul,
And all of your existence.

May they awaken you,
to your highest potential,
your greatest service,
your greatest love.

May they illuminate
all false beliefs that you carried,
so you can truly receive
what you are.
May they clear
all old karmic patterns,
from all lineages
and beyond,
so you can truly rise
and give birth to something new.

May they Bless you
with the infinite wisdom of the Masters,
The infinite wisdom that is also yours,
accessed through the Records
available to you at anytime

May through the work with the Records,
you get liberated
and fascinated
and inspired
to live your highest possible time line,
to create the life of your dreams
and be happy, healthy and whole


You can sleep at the Ranch where the Retreat takes place, there are Camping and Rooms available.
The accommodation is FREE for everyone, that has a registered an account at the Gaia Gathering.
Create your account at

by Alissa Ra
co - hosted by Gaia Gathering

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Later Event: October 7
MOON-Day Monday