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Moonday Yoga

  • Wild Moon Holistic Arts Studio 1055 West Moana Lane Suite 103 Reno United States (map)

Moonday Yoga at Wild Moon Studio Every Monday at 4:30pm

Your Host Rebekah Rose shares her passion with you -

I believe that living with the rhythm of the moon is extremely powerful.

The moon represents powerful feminine energy, birth, re-birth, wisdom, intuition and much more.

So, I created yoga classes rooted in the phases of the moon and astrological rhythms to help us tune into these powerful energies and incorporate theminto our daily lives.

About my approach to teaching:

My approach is an embodied yoga flow. I focus on creating a space that gives you permission to shift perspective on the mat so you intuitively begin to shift perspective off the mat in your day to day life. Instead of relying on traditional yoga alignment cues I teach how to tune into your body so you move the way you were beautifully designed to. I weave in the philosophy throughout the practice both with words and my approach to movement. Instead of following what others teach us without thought I encourage a practice of self-inquiry, self-investigating, and mind body integration. Through this movement we naturally build our intuition by being able to tune into what we are feeling, we build confidence by giving ourselves permission to move in a way that is natural to our bodies, and we invite in peace through breath and a moving meditation.