Pisces and Libra Super Full Moon March 20th

Full Moon time,  in fact this is a Super full moon in Pisces and Libra❤! 

It is time to prepare for Full Moon Ceremony,  in release of the stories that no longer serve you, integrate the shadow that you have amenity against and celebrate the manifestation of your intentions set during the last dark moon.   Full moon energies start now with the rise of the super full moon on the 20th-21st!  Signs that are charged this time are Pisces, libra and virgo as the transition of the Full moon extends through two astrological signs.

This is time to celebrate,  well...You!!! Thank the creator for all the support,  synchronizations, the messages, the opportunities to see the shadow and grow...  During this time we call upon the directions,  elements and the ancestors to witness and support us during this transformational shift! 

What's shifting?  Well during these astrological energies we may have old stories coming to mind,  old habits,  old patterns,  old ways of thinking... Piscean energies dive deep into the unconscious and subconscious. We take a moment to see and witness these old ways,  thank them for serving you and give them permission to be released!  We honor the release as a death...  A piece of us, the energy of what was...that is dying, being let go, released back to the earth to be recycled, reformed,  re purposed, re-used. ...

What are the things,  people,  relationships, items, spiritual things even, that no longer fit in your ever growing and expanding container of who you BE?  You will always be changing, always go through different phases, like the moon you will always be partially illuminated and partially dark (remember that your reflections are always about perspective.) 

This Super Full Moon in Pisces and Libra gives us a dynamic of seeing the big picture,  seeing from a perspective of Universal consciousness, love and completion...  Also with the incredible illumination of piercing through the girl into the shadows and unconscious...  This is the balance of the highlighted Pisces and Libra energies!  Earth and water.  

What's even more incredible is that all of these powerful transformative energies fall on Ostara! A point of perfect balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year. Night and day are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium - dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance.

Celebrate this full moon by moon gazing!  Soaking in the illuminated light in the exploration of all the shadows and powerful being that you are.   Submerge your self in the first medicine the water and cleanse all the many aspects and dimensions of your self… all of you as sacredness… Clear the way through the death of the old,  and make room for the balance of shadow and light, of old and new, of release and integration, of masculine and feminine divinity rising within us all,  in balance,  in power,  in truth,  in love! 

With Wild Love,

Keia Lavine, the Modern Day Medicine Woman.


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