Sacred Teachings of 2018 First full Moon, The "Wolf Moon" from my heart to yours.

2018 is FINALLY HERE!!! Deep Breath ~ as we take in this New Year like the first breath of life many are filled with hopes, dreams, goals, desires and a list full of intentions.  Dear one, may they all come true for you and may it be for the greatest and highest healing for all involved. Let us celebrate the immense magic this day also brings for us all as the Full Moon in Cancer emerges with an emphasis on family, grace, going within, rest and the motherly energies of rich wisdom and nourishment. This moon being the first "Super moon" of the year will appear a bit larger than usual in her orbit during the darker nights of the Winter months.

As 2018 arrives perhaps you are feeling all the excitement for the things all the to come this New Year. However, 2018 brings with it a lot more magic than meets the eye and could quite possibly be your best year yet.

2018 in numerology is a year of the sacred number 11~ (2+0+1+8=11) 11 a master number and is the most "Intuitive" of all numbers. An entire year of SACRED MASTER INTUITIVE ENERGY??? "Say whaaaaat?" Oh yeah! This is coupled with the Cancer Full Moon, a Water sign and sign of the Nourishing love of the Great Mother. Cleansing, enhancing sensitivity and receptivity to emotional aspects of our being are all highlighted as we enter into this new phase/ new year with so many heart felt intentions. Remember to make space to release and let things go this full moon giving all your intentions back to the universe to do it's part in the co-creation of the manifesting your desires and dreams this coming New Year.

This First Full Moon is called the "Wolf Moon" as this time, being the darkest time of the year, indigenous cultures dubbed this full moon the "Wolf Moon" as it is the time to hear the cry of the wolf in the night. The wolf represents the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas and the teacher of Medicine. The wolf brings to life the wild nature within, family orientation "the Pack" and energies of sacred power, humor, healing, speed, realized intentions, and the protector. The Wolf is the animal totem of teaching and the Moon is its powerful ally. Wolf is associated with the south in Lakota ways, the winter and is one of the 4 animals of the medicine wheel. The teachings are deep here and in the sharings of these great truths, the consciousness of humanity will attain new heights, like a wolf on the mountain top calling to the rest of the pack to join.

Cancer, being the Sign Of the Great Mother, invites us to go within to access the Divine Feminine Energies of intuition, powerful emotions and nurturing of our sensitivities as Cancer is known the be the "nurturer of the Zodiac". This brings in a time of "healing" for the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. The Divine Mother and Rising of the Divine Feminine is an aspect of the rising consciousness of the Lunar energies within Men and Women alike. It is the energies of intuition, psychic development, going within and the Life/death/life patterns that emulate the aspect of creation/ release/ creation. With the rise of the divine energies, and the illuminating power of cancer and the cleansing aspect of the water sign, there is much healing to be felt universally as consciousness rises, and ancestral wounds are healed collectively.

On a personal note; This New Year, Wolf Moon, Water Sign, Divine Energy and Sacred number 11, January 1st 2018 is a day that also brings in with it the celebration of the 7th birthday of the Wild Woman Project. and the start of the launch for Reno's First Wild Woman Project New Moon Circle Gatherings for women. The Wild Women strive to connect with the moon and the spirit of the wolf as guiding principles to being to life the wild spirit within each of us. Cultivating the sacred circle of sisterhood and fierce love with wild untamed hearts, these circles start up on the 20th of January at the River School Farm. I am Hoooowwwllllingggg with excitement.

May the light of the moon sustain you as it does me. As always, with all my WILD WOLFY HEART,

Psychic Medium, Keia Lavine, HHP ~Medicine Woman~

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