Capricorn New Moon 2018

Capricorn New Moon –

What an incredible and ominous new moon this is. The first of 2018 and she sits smack dab in the center of two Super-moons.  It’s a joyous time really, as this, the DARK MOON is the closest to the earth that it is ever throughout the year.  During this time Grandmother Moon gives an assured supercharge to the intention setting put in motion for this next lunar cycle and for the Year Ahead. 

This Capricorn New moon is the last of the three earth signs of the zodiac and Is represented by the Goat upper body, and tail of the fish.  Capricorn is mainly known for being representative of time and responsibility, but there is much more to Capricorn than meets the eye-  Capricorns symbol of the goat/fish -  upper body and head of the goat brings in the charges of intelligence, ambition, resolve, curiosity, stability, steadiness and the ability to thrive in inhospitable environments.  The tail of the fish also brings in spirituality, intuition, and connection with the soul. This Sign Ruled by Saturn makes these energies compounded with the energies of structure, integrity, and alignment that Saturn brings.

Ominous indeed- as this is a strong reminder to grasp the finite nature of this single human life.  Calling forth the awareness that our time is truly limited and that the time is now to honor our stage in your life. It is time to honor structures, time and stability… Keep this in mind as you set your intentions on this powerful NEW MOON  

This new moon will bring us deep into the ancient medicine of structures, alignment, and connection that is found deep within our selves and the earth.  This brings us to the wisdom of our bones along with the bones of the earth which in the path of the medicine is called the rock nation or mineral nation.  This lunar cycle invites us to call forth the wisdom of our bones, the elder within and acknowledging the structure and integrity, time and connection through this wisdom.

Like the stones of the earth, the bones of Mama Gaia, there is wisdom, and healing through the wisdom of our bones.  Cultivating this knowledge through meditation, mantra, prayer, and invocation… This moon invites us to go deep within and ask our selves the questions of what wisdom is held in our bones? 

I wish for you powerful intention setting with the guiding principals of alignment, structure and time.  Set your intentions for the next moon cycle and for the year to come.  Allow these intentions to align with your inner wisdom and watch this sacred year unfold with abundance, wisdom, and strength.

Happy New Moon, Dear Ones... The first of 2018

Psychic Medium, Keia Lavine, HHP. 

~Medicine Woman~


Magic of Capricorn - The wisdom within, time, strength, structure and stability. 

Magic of Capricorn - The wisdom within, time, strength, structure and stability.